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Play Script: Mirror Exercise :: Samantha Noble

by Samantha Noble


A man and a woman stand face to face. She smiles at him. He smiles at her. She takes a step forward. She takes a step forward. She tries to move around him, but every move she makes, he mirrors.

WOMAN: Sorry.

MAN: (repeating) Sorry.

WOMAN: I don’t mean / to—

MAN: / I don’t mean to—

WOMAN: W/hat are you doing?

MAN: /What are you doing?

They stop. He smiles at her. She tries to get around him again.

BOTH: Listen. I’m trying to be polite. Could you just—
I don’t want to be rude, but—

She growls in frustration. He mirrors this, too, exaggerating the gesture.

They stop. He smiles at her. She smiles at him. She turns around. He turns around.

Very, very quietly, she turns back around and sees that he has not. She spots a path. She dives between his feet and rolls out on the other side, triumphant.

MAN: Hey!

She turns. She smiles at him.

MAN: How dare you!

She runs.

MAN: Hey! How dare you!